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Our Philosophy

At Arizona Restorative Psychiatry we seek to get to know each patient on an individualized level and develop a treatment plan using our four core values to fully restore physical and mental health. 

Our Core Values 


We believe that we must have a solid understanding of your physical health to truly partner with you in improving your mental health. At Arizona Restorative Psychiatry, we will partner with your primary care physician, specialists, therapists, and any other clinician that is involved in your care to make sure that we understand how your physical health may be impacting your mental health. By having a whole picture of your health, physical and mental, we can develop the right treatment plan to make sure that you experience physical and mental wellness.  


Having a healthy relationship with food can be very difficult in our current society. There are many views about what is the right way to eat. At Arizona Restorative Psychiatry, we do not believe that food is inherently “good” or “bad” but is a vehicle to heal the body. We wish to partner with you to understand your daily food choices, and enter a conversation with you to help maximize your understanding of what you eat directly affects the structure and function of your brain and, ultimately, your mood. Additionally, we will stay up to date on developments of Nutritional Psychiatry which studies how dietary changes can help balance moods, sharpen brain function, and improve mental health. Our goal is to make eating and selecting meals enjoyable and life giving.


Our bodies are intricate vessels that respond best with purposeful movement. In our society today it is easy to get lost in the “do’s” and “don’ts” of exercise or movement. At Arizona Restorative Psychiatry, we look to partner with patients to help eliminate societal and personal rules that have become rigid and isolative and develop a plan that gets you moving to strengthen your body and your mind. Our goal is to get you moving every day free from rules or expectations, but filled with joy and purpose.


Social relationships are vital to physical and emotional health. There are numerous scientific studies that highlight the importance of social relationships in the treatment of disease and the maintenance of health and well-being. At Arizona Restorative Psychiatry, we look to understand your social relationships so we can fully understand how you relate to your environment. Our goal will be to help you navigate relational stressors to restore expectations, boundaries, and satisfaction with the people in your life.

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Arizona Restorative Psychiatry

Our psychiatrists provide mental health and psychiatric services for the greater Gilbert, Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Queen Creek, and Chandler Area.

Our office is located near Downtown Gilbert.

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